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SEO Is A Critical Part Of ANY Site’s Success

Hey, victory here again, and I wanted to make you this special offer we’re running for the launch only.

But before we do that, let’s understand why this is even important in the first place.

SEO Is a critical part of any site’s success, meaning, when your website is optimized per googles most up to date requirements, your site will rank higher.

Such optimization means SEO knowledge and plenty of available time to set everything up.

From keyword optimization in any language to meta tags and content, as well as general SEO health.

All that needs to be optimized one by one and corrected.

If you meet google’s most up to date requirements,

Your Traffic Possibilities Are Beyond Comprehension

A bit dramatic, I’ll admit. But it’s true. First off, just imagine any keyword you like in your niche, imagine how many people are searching for it every month?

Wouldn’t you like to be right there in front of them with your website?

Well, this is the easiest way, and the traffic will come raining down.

Now, the question is, will it stay one top?

A Strong Focus On Proper SEO Will Ensure A Steady & Ever Increasing Flow Of Organic Traffic To Your Websites

To answer your questions that was actually my question, yes, it will stay ranked.

That’s because we have such a strong focus on SEO in typekit that every new update google releases, we’ll match the requirements and pass them to your websites automatically.

There is no work on your part.

Time To Meet ALL Of Googles New Requirements & Get To Page #1 In No Time Without Breaking The Bank Or Studying SEO

Introducing - TypeKit SEO Suite

TypeKit SEO Suite is a simple addon, that is added to your dashboard and throughout your entire features, which recognizes, suggests and corrects the SEO issues and meets googles most up to date requirements, ensuring a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Here are the modules
that are inside:

Perfectly Optimized SEO Reports For Your Clients

Automatically recognize any clients or potential clients SEO status and create a professional report suggesting changes.

Site SEO Problems Checker

Meet google’s most up to date requirements but performing a simple automated check which occurs every few minutes

Site SEO Problems Solver

Now that the technology recognized the SEO problems, it will suggest all the necessary changes, and you just copy paste what is given and complete other details per the instructions.

A very simple few click process.

Ever Updating Algorithm Per Googles Ever-Updating Requirements

Never worry about dropping in rankings, our technology automatically updates per googles most up to date requirements.

Page #1 Rankings Without Backlinks

Backlinks can be a spammy practice if done wrong and a very complicated and expensive practice if done right.

This allows you for a smooth sailing toward page #1 of google without learning any SEO or perform dangerous or exhausting tasks.

See How The SEO Suite Works In Action:

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TypeKit HyperSEO Suite

See you inside,

Victory Akpo (C.E.O)

Joshua Johnson (Dev)