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Hey, it’s victory here again, congratulations! Your access details are being sent to you right now. Meanwhile I’ve prepared a special offer for you that you won’t find anywhere, please check it out, it’s really beneficial to TypeKit.

Right Now, There’s A Huge Opportunity For Your Websites To Be Among The First Websites That Offer A Full Smooth Translated Flow = Cater Your Entire Business To THE REST OF THE WORLD!

You see, up until now, if you wanted your entire business to be available to any other language other than english, you’d have to translate everything from the landing page to the content to the product to the STYLING of everything to fit the language.

And that has to be done for each language.

So naturally, the vast majority of websites, do not offer a truly multi-lingual experience of their business, and lose over most of the world’s traffic and sales.

99% Of The Spotlight Goes To English Speaking Countries

When your business is not multi-lingual, naturally all your spotlight, traffic efforts and all other marketing efforts go to english speaking audiences.

Which is NOT most of the world. Definitely now by preference.

Even english speaking countries like europe still prefer their native language if they had the opportunity.

So what does it mean for english speaking audiences?

(THE BAD) Driving Ad Costs Upwards For English Speaking Countries

All traffic efforts and ad expenses go into english audiences, which in turn raises the pricing of the bids and the cost per clicks, leads and conversions increase tenfold over time.

But at the same time, this means an OPPORTUNITY..

(THE GOOD) Driving Ad Costs Downwards For Non-English Speaking Countries

So when all the spotlight goes to english audiences, less spotlight comes to non-english audiences, making targeting them that much cheaper, and getting much cheaper traffic.

But that’s not the only problem we have with not being multi-lingual

Plus, The Less Marketing Content In Other Languages In Social Media = The Less Marketing Blindness = More The Opportunity For You

When businesses and websites don’t bother with non-english audiences, it means they are getting far less marketing messages on average.

Which means, they are less blind to your ads, and much more likely to respond.

Which means, that for marketers like you, with the power of typekit, you can cash in on a goldmine with that traffic.

Not just in lowered ad costs, but far higher performance, conversions, clicks and sales.

Therefore, Ideally, Your ENTIRE Business Should Be A Multi-Lingual Experience..

Here are the 3 general structure archetypes
that visitors go through, from worst to best:

Bad Structure (most websites) - all traffic to english page

Better Structure (sites that use TypeKit) - All traffic to personalized translated pages

Best Structure - Personalized Traffic To Personalized Translated Page To The Entire Content Of Your Business, Personalized & Translated. (Most don’t have the ability to offer this)


DFY Copywriter A.I

Your own personal copywriter to create
all the content possible for your business in any language.

Copywriter A.I Creates DFY Ads, Sales Copies, VSL’s, Email Copy & More In Any Language Right Inside Your Dashboard.

So now, not only your page and product are translated, now you can also target non english audiences, create all kinds of content in their native language and style, for the first time ever!

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