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By now, you probably know what a massive demand Typekit has.

Because you bought it, because you’ve seen the reviews, the emails, the bonuses, because you are excited to get started.

But the truth is, way beyond this launch, this is an innovative tool, with evergreen demand, amazing tech & with a broad appeal way beyond the make money online niche.

Typekit hasn’t even scratched the surface and it’s already sold over a hundred thousand dollars in the first few days of it’s launch.

So let me ask you this,

how would you like to tap into all this demand yourself & make HUGE Bank In The Process?

Think about this for a second, all this demand, all these future sales, all these high paying businesses that need an easy translation solution like this..and are willing to pay ALOT for this, and for your professional services.

Think about how much are they willing to spend for simply getting all the benefits you’re getting? Like more traffic, sales, multi lingual availability, lower ad costs, higher rankings and MORE! The list is endless.

Because unlike you and I..

Businesses that already have millions clicks and are LOSING over millions more,

Will pay more.

As much as 3k/month for this.

And that’s because they know what’s good for them.

And there’s nothing on the market as powerful and as innovative as Typekit.

However you must be thinking..

“OK Sounds Good, But How Do I Find These High Paying Clients & Convince Them To Hire Me?!”

You Don’t - We DO IT For you.

You see, while we cannot go ahead and start chasing clients that buy from you and work for you,

What we can do, is put you in the middle of A SEA of these clients, and let them find you and hire you.

Yes..and that’s exactly what we will do.

How you’re wondering? Very simple and very effective:

The DFY Website comes with FULL SEO OPTIMIZATION from top marketers designed to get you page #1 rankings in as soon as a few hours and have YOU in front of ALL of your potential customers all the time getting you traffic passively.

On top of that, we will track clients and deliver to you, and share with you our lists of clients and ways of finding clients.

We will simply show you how we make 6 figures with this and how to copy us!

This Is A COMPLETELY DONE FOR YOU Agency Including Traffic.

It’s not just the traffic setup..or the service.

This comes with a FULLY FLEDGED client getting website, designed, ready to be uploaded and BOOM - you are GOLDEN!

We take care of EVERYTHING for you..you just collect the rewards.

This is A RARE opporunity to

Get HIGH Paying Customers Without Cold Calling Clients & Beg For Their Attention.

Because clients find you for free, because many of them are big fishes that’ll pay loads per month for your service,, the money potential is insane.

Sure, you will probably get smaller clients at the beginning.

But still, even a 5k/month business that was completely DFY is worth an hour of your time or even less, right

Plus our asking fee in nowhere NEAR the money you’ll be making once you start making sales.

And the best part IMHO - is that the service..is ethical, easy..and you just apply TypeKit on their website and manage it for them if they prefer.

REALLY..REALLY helpful to them, and profitable to you.

Here’s What Our Agency Contains:

Get Access to a Full blown DFY Language Translation Agency Marketing Website (to start selling langauge translation services and make money)

From the get go you get your own website ready to accept clients and get paid.

It’s entirely done for you and there’s nothing you need to edit here to start making sales.

Ready Made Marketing Materials Which include; Email/Sales Script, DFY Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts, Letterhead, Business card, Invoices & Everything A REAL Agency Has.

An agency needs to feel and be professional, an agency that gets paid big money that is.

And we’ve got you covered, modeled by our own 6 figure agency, we’ve created everything you need to start advertising and earning like a real agency.

Vip Support - faster than normal customers.

With all due respect to all TypeKit customers, an agency owner is a far more stressed out person, now when you own an agency you need to have the absolute quickest and fastest support.

You wouldn’t want to keep your $3,000 client waiting, right?

Well, we’ve got you covered with VIP support, so that you never have to worry about losing that client.

Lead generation prospecting App (Find & Contact Clients Who Will Pay Top Money For Influencer Traffic)

So now that your agency is ready, it’s time to accept clients, congratulations!

And our special app that we developed and use, really helped us find new clients, it’s all yours with unlimited use, extremely powerful and removes the need to chase clients.

DFY Proposals - PowerPoint & Word

Now that you know how to reach your client and your agency is ready, you need to invite them to your services and convince them to pay attention to you.

That’s not an easy task to do if you don’t know what you’re doing, and the last thing you want to do is risk losing a $3,000 sale.

So, we’ve got you covered with proven DFY proposals, the same we use!


Get Ad Creatives

In this special bonus for today only,
we will give you ad creatives to advertise and get clients.

These same ads that made us 5 figures from ads alone,
are now customizable templates and yours.


How to quickly get your first 100 clients
to buy into your service Academy

Your first 100 clients matter.

Why? Not because of the money, because they set the entire journey ahead, if you can get 100 clients quickly, you will be far more confident, far more experienced in how to deal with them, far most established, that from here on, your business will practically grow on autopilot!

This Is 100% Simple & 100% DFY :)

THis is designed from the ground up to be setup in minutes.

Most agency simply slap a license and tell you you have the right to sell it as a service.

We made it ALOT better and easier for you to start making sales.

We Take Care Of ALL The Heavy Lifting & MORE!

We do the site, we do the traffic setup, we give you the rights to manage clients
under an agency and we do the customer support for you.

This is..DFY :)

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